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Stress Echo Test at Delhi Heart Hospital

As it is said that health is wealth and Delhi Heart Hospital in Anand Vihar paves the way for health. Delhi Heart Hospital takes care of its patients by providing top-most medical services under the supervision of professionally trained staff and varied tests and methods of diagnosis and treatments. Patients at Delhi Heart Hospital experience a hassle-free visit, and personalized care, with ultra-modern technology and a dedicated staff providing round-the-clock services. Stress Echo test in Anand Vihar is a test that uses ultrasound imaging to analyze the functioning of heart muscles and how well it is pumping blood throughout your body. The test helps in detecting a decrease in blood flow to the heart due to narrowing in the coronary arteries. During the Stress Echo test in Anand Vihar, the patient is asked to exercise on a treadmill or a stationary bike while the doctor measures the blood flow and heart rhythm of the patient. After some time, when the patient’s heart rate reaches a peak level, the doctor takes ultrasound imaging of the heart which helps to determine whether the patient’s heart muscle is getting enough blood and oxygen during the process of exercising. If you have chest pain, you must consider getting a Stress Echo Test in Anand Vihar at Delhi Heart Hospital after a doctor’s consultation. Stress Echo Test in Anand Vihar is helpful in understanding more than just narrowing coronary arteries but also how well treatments such as bypass grafting, angioplasty, and antiarrhythmic medications are working. Stress Echo Test in Anand Vihar at Delhi Heart Hospital is conducted by professionals trained and experienced in the same and the results are very reliable. The results can further help in preventing future complications and determine various heart conditions.

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